If you have time and your body is very tired, ask about our spa days.

The Hotel Las Americas – Cartagena de Indias has a physical and mental wellness area where you can reach the balance between body and mind proclaimed by the wise: SPA Las Américas.

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the rumor of the waves while the experts at our spa are in charge of recreating your senses and awakening your sensitivity to new perceptions, with therapies and treatments that will leave you completely rejuvenated.

Water circuit

Experience guided by the benefits of water, which induces the body to a state of recovery at muscular and mental level. It consists of water stations that are complemented by bithermic shocks and thermotherapy stations that work locally in each direction of the body.

spa hotel las americas cartagena

Deep waves

Manual technique specialized in deep tissue massage that engages the whole body. Relieves muscular tension and eliminates toxins.Duration 60 minutes.

Ocean Caresses

Duration 40 minutes, Relaxing therapy, accompanied by stretching and gliding. Delivered with medium pressure in specific body zones. Provides rest and vitality.


Special relaxing therapy harmonized with a candlewhile the body is covered in warm organic oils. Includes facial hydration. The perfect
complement so the skin radiates beauty and light. Duration 90 minutes.

Skin fit just for HIM

Treatment focused on the unique needs of masculineskin, revitalizing and repairing follicles damaged bydaily shaving, with active ingredients from caviar and Escutox. Leave the skin oxygenated and hydrated. Duration 60 minutes.

Seasonal Facial

Season’s oxygenating treatment for tired and dull skin. This ritual provides vitality, shine and moisture under pleasant fruity aromas of active ingredients, which provide purifying benefits. Recommended for all skin types.-Duration 60 minutes

  • Hours

Monday- Sunday 7:30am – 8:30pm


 Tel: 57 (5) 672 3169 / 57 (5) 672 3344 Ext. 8370

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Torre del Mar 3 floor