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8 tips to protect children from the sun in the summer


During summertime we want you to spend all the time you can with your children enjoying the pools, beaches, parks and all the places of interest in Cartagena de Indias.

One thing you must not forget is that the excessive sun exposure may be harmful to the little ones. Below are a few recommendations to protect them from the sun:

1. Use sunscreens special for children and babies. They must be hypoallergenic |43, PABA free and with a UV protection of 45 or up. Besides, don’t forget to apply it multiple times a day, ideally every one or two hours, particularly after been in the water or if they sweat much.

2. Protect the head, neck and ears of your children from the sun. These zones are very important and they burn easily. A hat or a cap that covers these areas is very beneficial, particularly because these areas are very sensitive.

3. Sometimes we fall in love with a specific swimwear that may be cute but, at the end do not protect enough the children’s skin. Using a t-shirt with an UV protection (there are multiple offers in the market and of all price ranges) and paired with applying sunscreen with UV protection work very well together.

4. Wearing a good pair of sneakers to protect feet and their soles from the sun and the heat of the sand beach is also important.

5. Taking cover under an umbrella or tent if you enjoying the pool or the beach is very necessary for children above all. This will help them to avoid the constant exposure to the sun and prevent them from suffering a heatstroke.

6. Wearing sunglasses can protect from the UV rays as long as these sunglasses have UV protection.

7. There are times within a day when we need to be more careful and avoid the sun. Between 10 am and 3 pm are particularly the days following being very exposed to the sun.

8. Last but not least, babies under 6 months should not be exposed to the sun and if, by any chance you cannot avoid it, check with your doctor for any special recommendations.

Hotel Las Américas wishes you a very happy and entertaining vacations but with health as a priority before starting the fun. Happy summer!